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Meet the QDs!

Kevin head shot IMG_7540.jpeg

Kevin DeHart


By day a lab guy making sure the chemicals are just as they should be, and at night a band guy.  Spent a few years back in the day playing and touring with bands decidely more metal than the QDs.  Originally from Indiana or somewhere that bears a strong resemblance to it.

Dave head IMG_7518.jpeg

David "Sweet" Lane

lap steel, vocals

Nobody knows anything about Dave.  Rumor has it he was a hippie and hitchhiked to Oakland, CA back in ’68 to play rock music.  He later spent some time with Tampa legends The Outlaws (in the band, that is; not just stoned listening to their records in his bedroom).  He plays every instrument in his box but the QDs only let him play lap steel because they don’t have enough electrical outlets for anything else.   

Steve belly IMG_7539.jpeg

Steve Dicks

bass and sometimes guitar

An ex-GIS guy from southeast Florida, Steve is a veteran of the local music scene and has played in a bunch of  bands over the years.  Steve likes kittens, vanilla pudding, and warm soapy bathwater.  Believe it or not, Dr. Dicks holds a Ph.D. in geography, so the band lets Steve figure out where the gigs are.  

Roger head shot IMG_7536.jpeg

Roger Hughes

guitar, vocals

A local legend, Roger has played with umpteen thousand bands over the years.  Gainfully employed back in the day at Thoroughbred Music and Morrisound Recording (and probably as a waitress somewhere), like a viking Roger hails from the northern wasteland widely known as New York.

MIke head shot IMG_7544.jpeg

Michael Starks

vocals, guitar, keyboards

Michael gave up his day job working as a hydrogeologist/consultant to try a different approach to saving the world.  Like Roger and Kevin, Mike relocated to Florida many years ago from “up north”, his spawning grounds being the fertile northwest corner of PA.  His songwriting somehow seems to keep him from veering too far into the metaphorical ditch.

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