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New single released March 6, 2024

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Kevin DeHart – Drums 
Steve Dicks – Bass
Roger Hughes – Guitar, vocals 

David Lane – Lap steel
Michael Starks – Vocals, guitar, keyboards


Guest musician:

Andy Brey - Trombone, trumpet


Written and produced by Michael Starks

Recorded in the Dade City barn, Two Beagles Studio in Brooksville, Florida, and Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida 

Mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording

Mastered by B.J. Ramone at Morrisound Recording


Cover painting - "Maelstrom" by Kevin DeHart

Seems Like A Daydream (High) mp3Quaint Delusions
00:00 / 03:21

"With sharp, precise drums and a bass line reminiscent of The Beatles' "Come Together," Seems Like A Daydream exudes an infectious energy that's hard to resist.  Front and center are the vocals, delivered with impeccable precision and backed by a killer guitar solo that serves as the perfect climax...complete with tantalizing horn accents...a stellar example of Quaint Delusions at the top of their game.  It’s one of the most infectious songs I have heard this year." 

- Ragmag

"Seems Like A Daydream hooks the listener with its irresistible rhythm.  Fueled by a hard-hitting 4/4 beat and adorned with loose piano and inventive bass and guitar interplay, the track draws the audience into its sonic realm.  The opening lines set a poignant tone, reflecting on the struggles of modern existence... a stark commentary on the challenges faced by the middle class, striking a chord with listeners navigating the relentless pace of contemporary life.  With its infectious groove, incisive lyrics, and nuanced dynamics, the track solidifies the band's position as one to watch in the indie scene."

- Buzzslayers

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