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Once upon a time three fellas in the hinterlands of Tampa Bay got together and tried to get each other to join their bands.  All three fellas (Roger Hughes, Steve Dicks, and Michael Starks) were veterans of the Tampa Bay music scene.  Turns out nobody joined anybody's band but they decided to play some music and see what happened.  What happened was, up from the murky depths emerged the embryonic proto Quaint Delusions.  Like all good protos it evolved and eventually began rotating such that a gravitational vortex was created that sucked in drummer Kevin DeHart and lap steel player David Lane, thereby creating what is now the epic and mind-bending band known as Quaint Delusions.  Or just the QDs, which is easier to spell.  

In March 2021 the QDs released their debut album - "Basking In Irrelevance"

"Quaint Delusions came out of the gate with a powerful sound on their debut album Basking In Irrelevance.  Quaint Delusions shows all the stops on this great debut record.  They show us a good time with their feel-good harmonies and lyrics that definitely brings you to that sweet spot.  What a great introduction this is and I definitely can’t wait to hear more!"

- The Indie Source

 "A nice array of styles very much based in rock...I thought the vibe here was pretty joyous and borderline motivational...playful yet emotional...(and) one of the coolest guitar solos I heard in recent memory."

- Pitch Perfect

...and in November 2022 they released their second album - "This Far Out".  

"We love this album from Quaint Delusions.  The band jams out on this eight-track collection to great effect...great tunes and melody that is both catchy and fun-loving at the same time."

- Lost in the Nordics

"I loved this album. The musicianship is top notch, the delivery was exceptional and the songwriting really good...uplifting and vibrant without going overboard...exuberant and infectious."

- Pitch Perfect

Quaint Delusions has released these two singles in 2024, with more to come:


(released January 20, 2024)

"In "Lite Bright Sky," Quaint Delusions not only maintains their signature style but also elevates it to new heights.  The lyrics shine, particularly when aligned with the thematic core.  Memorable lines stand out, showcasing the brilliance in the songwriting.  This single is undoubtedly a home run, and listeners are strongly encouraged to give it a spin."

- Pitch Perfect

"The vibe here is really chill and the dynamic creep.  One of the more interesting aspects of this song is its actual theme which is the first time I heard of anything like this.  I don’t even know how you think this up but it’s brilliant.  This was an easy song to appreciate and seeps into you in a meditative doesn’t force a soft and loud dynamic but instead nurtures the groove itself into something that feels alive and vibrant."

- Mesmerized


(released February 10, 2024)

"...a song that seamlessly blends lushness, mellowness, and ethereality...resonates with exceptional lyricism, encapsulating the fleeting nature of news cycles surrounding the disturbing surge in mass shootings.  The song maintains a consistent dynamic throughout, potentially mirroring the relentless cycle of tragedy that often precedes any meaningful action.  Beyond its musical allure, "Loaded" emerges as a poignant call to action, transcending the realms of melody and catchy hooks.  In essence, Quaint Delusions artfully intertwines awareness and musicality, navigating a space that extends far beyond melody."


Quaint Delusions music can be found on all major platforms.  Links to music, photos, videos, bio, etc. can be found at

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