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Quaint Delusions, loosely based in Dade City, Florida, was initially the warped** brainchild of Michael Starks.  It all started when two of Mike's buddies (Roger Hughes and Steve Dicks) asked if Mike might be interested in joining their cool band.  But, Mike somehow got Roger and Steve to join his band, which of course didn’t really exist and they all knew that but what the heck lets play some music and see what happens.  What happened was, up from the murky depths emerged the embryonic proto Quaint Delusions. 


Like all good protos it evolved and eventually began rotating such that a gravitational vortex was created that sucked in drummer Kevin DeHart and lap steel player David Lane, thereby creating what is now the epic and mind-bending band known as Quaint Delusions.  Or, as The Quaint Delusions, as we have appropriated that moniker also to broaden our scope and ensure wider unbridled success, or just the QDs, since we claim that also for ourselves because its easier to spell.  Yeah we’re planting flags everywhere they stick.  Anyhow, thanks for wandering into here, and many thanks for listening!


**everything is warped; it has to be because space is curved

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